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We were booked at Nomndeni Lodge 06/07/2012-13/07/2012. I had called them to weeks prior to confirm the booking. I followed up on the 05/07/2012...Suffice to say nothing was ready. the detials given on the booking is not the correct address..the adveritsed one on the internet is NOT Wentelbaan Lane, but Beetleloop.

Initially we were sent to Wentlebaan, where there was no -one but an old maid, who showed us 2 rooms., where even the curtains rail fell down..a ghost town and real spooky place..

we were not happy, and told the office at Beetlewalk, whom advised us, that they had assumed only 2 of us were checking in.

Anyway we then went back to Beetle loop,where we were shown to a room that slept 4. we were exhausted, as we had been on the road since 6.30am. the room given to us, lights didn't work, and room lock was broken, and wouldnt lock..

we were then shown 6 other rooms, all with problems...pathetic...poor maintenance..faulty lights,switches etc..

eventually around 6 that evening, almost an hour after our arrival, we were shown a suite..very nice which my 2 kids hubby and I were given a room that sleeps 4.

Needless to say, saturday morning we were told, that they needed the room, as they had forgotten that a group were coming.. We had booked a tour and on our retun at 6 that evening, we again had to move..we were shown 2 rooms not realising that they wanted the kids to move as well.

I refused to have my kids go through any more discomfort and refused,chose a room and refused to budge. they had no choice but to agree.

throughout the week there was hot water, then the electricity cuts, then the faulty loo. what's advertised and what you actually receive totally opposite. Pool with no water..


the restaurant on the premises an even bigger joke...whatever is on the menu..they don't have..eventually had to ask them what they had!used it once..

worst service delivery received ever..We were terribly disappointed and we request that an inspector be sent to the same, so that others don't experience the same...

I would appreciate feedback on my complaint. We travelled from Dbn to get there, and it has left a sour taste for us.

my details are as follows..Lynn Konar--083 2844

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